Thursday, 21 June 2018

The Lizard and the Whale

My characters are the lizard and the whale.
Deep inside a dark black cave lived two best friends, a whale and a lizard. Everyday they sneak around looking for food. The whale searches under the light blue ocean and the lizard hunts in the rain forest. The whales favourite food is a bunch of fish. And the lizard favourite food is betas and some other crunchy insects.One day the whale and the lizard face a big problem. The lizard realised that there are no more insects left in the forest for her to eat and no fish and sharks and other sea animals left for the beautiful blue whale. Next the whale and the lizard went to go have a good nap they dreamed that everything is back to normal but when they woke up they knew that everything was back to normal like there was no more food and there was no more fish and sharks left for the lizard and the whale. The next day the lizard and the hale started to look around the hole area and they still couldn't find food so they went out of there area and went down to the city but the whale was swimming all the way to city because they went to the city is because the city has lots and lots of food even they got resteronds. The whale was swimming and the lizard was on the whales back. And also there was a restoroned for sea animals and it was like fish and crabs. The whale could eat that because the lizard only likes the insects and that. After that the whale and the lizard keeped on swimming and they sore a man the man had took the lizard to the pound next the whale notice that the lizard was not on the whale's back the whale was looking everywhere for the lizard. The whale was so sad that the lizard has gone. So the whale was swimming around looking for lizard. So after the whale was looking for lizard. Whale had fallen asleep because the sun was going down. The next day whale was still looking for lizard. Whale has stopped to have a break because whale was out for two days and only had one nap. after that nap guess what happend next the lizard pooped out of no were and there was the scary man that took lizard in the first place he was on the ground tied up in lots and lots of ropes. he did not get out then the whale and the lizard went to wonder some were else. thank you The End.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The 7 Matariki sisters

up she looked on the tree that the 7 sisters tied there kites on she looked at it and the kites were gone the little sister started crying her crying woke up all of the 7 sisters. Whensister looked at when she woke up when they looked at the tree the 7 sisters said oh no where's our kites they looked everywhere and they still couldn't find there kites. One sister looked up in the sky and sore there kites the sister told her the other sisters that she sore there kites. The sister saw the kites dancing among the sky. The sisters were so so happy when they saw their kites. Their kites were shinier than the brightest star in the world. Each morning Matariki rose in the sky. Signalling the start of new year.ers that lived in a valley.They made their own kites to celebrate the new year.

The older sister made a green kite. The next sister made an orange kite. The other sister made a purple kite. The fourth sister made a red kite. The fifth sister made a blue kite. And the six sister made a white kite. And last of all the youngest sister and the smartest sister made a beautiful and colourful kite. the 7 sisters woke up they looked at the same tree that the little There were 7 sistAfter making their kites the 7 sisters of matariki walked up a big mountain

they tied it to a tree is because there was no wind.

After that they went to sleep. In the middle of the night the little sister woke up when she woke.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Making Pikelets

80 kids in the block made yummy Pikelets. We had to get all of the ingredients first because without the ingredients we could not make the Pikelets. But luckily miss King and miss Scanlan brought mostly all the ingredients. But Mister Moran had forgot two types of ingredients. but i don't know what kind of ingredients he left I did not like my first pikelet was so salty so i didn't want to waste my food so i had to eat it. My second one was so so so!!! Yummy because the second one wasn't salty at all. It was just so so so!!! Perfect for me that was kind of my type. And this is my friend Siua i did not have a photo like this so i asked him if i can use his photo of him eating the Pikelete and he said yes and i used my permission i felt so so so!! happy we putted flour milk and sugar and baking powder and last of all salt we had to mix it all together it was fun because i got to pure mine in it looked so so so cool. it looked like i was putting slime in side the black pan.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Zoo Trip

On thursday the block went to the zoo. Because we had to learn about the very cool animals. When we
arived at the zoo we were just talking about staff that we are not allowed to touch like the elles. Because we
are not allowed to touch the elles is because the elles got very sharp teeth and we don't want to lose our
fingers. My favorite part was when me and william got lost because we went to the pride lands to look for
our team. Because we were at kids zone and our rest of our team went to the pride lands they said that
they were gonna come back in 5 minutes. And it was past 5 minutes so we went to go look for them. By
the time we got back eveybody was already at the massive elephant. Was because they were at the  massive elephant. Eveybody was sopposed to meet over there we were late because the bus driver was waiting for us so long. my favourite animal was the meercats because they were my favourite animal at the zoo is because they are so cute and they look cuddly. We sore all of the animals at the zoo. After morning tea time we starter way went to the bug lab there was a short slide and i sled down there. It was pretty fun because it was a bit long. but it looked a bit  inside but looked short ouside and there was a little papers that we can draw on we could draw anything that we wanted. And  we could make butterflies out of the papers. We putted the butterflies in this container and this air thing i don't know what it is called. And there was a big massive bug around me so i straterway run out of the room because i was so scared. That the massive bug was gonna eat. me but first i thought he was gonna grab me and then gonna eat me. After we went out we had another look around. I felt so so happy. After that we went to the big bus and we almost feel asleep. Then miss scanlan came around and took some photos with me and my team.

Thursday, 10 May 2018


Exodus and I were teaming up because the block was having a good battle with the catapults.
We used 6 popsicles sticks for the catapults and pom poms for the bullets it was so cool because
we were learning about science and I have never ever learned about science. I was walking around
then  me and Exodus started to build a fort. We used chairs pillows and some more chairs.
Then me and Exodus were slowly walking over to Taimana. I was going to shoot him but Carl
shot me at the back of my head. So he was walking slowly and then i got him back. It was so much
fun but then we had to clean up.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Thank you Woolf Fisher

thank you Woolf Fishers for giving us that yummy delicious pizza. pizzas is one of the my Favriote food in the world so thank you guys for giving us our yummy lunch. And i enjored it so thank you so much guys.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

On friday pt england school brang mufti and wheels day because we were raising year 8 camp. And we could only ride our wheels at lunch time. And it was at the bike track.On friday we had mufti day and wheels day. We could only ride our wheels at lunch time. And mrs J and some year eights came to help mrs J sorting out the cones. After that it was lunch time the only time we could ride our wheels was when it was lunch time not morning tea. When it was lunchtime me exodus and bronson were cheering on other people when they were racing each other. Mufti day is my favorite day in the world because we don't have to get change out of our uniform because we're already in other cloths.