Thursday, 15 June 2017


Last week team2 went to the museum. First we went on the bus. I sat next to Zechariah and taimana. When we arrived at the museum we went to the Kai room and had our morningtea. After we finished eating we put our bages into the cages then miss szymanik told us to find our parent and line up be hind them. We went to a room full of treasures and I sore a diamond. After that we went upstairs than we sat down on a mat and fire joe came to tell us to come in side the room. And sit on mat then fire lish told us a story a man and a woman after the story they told us how to Make tatos after that she told us to come and sit on the chair she told us that they were going to do our tamoko.

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  1. Hey Tokes I like your writing because you got heaps of writing and you got full stops in it to and you got capital letter in your writing bye bye